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Carl The Sea
Turtle’s journey
to truth

Consequences are like bad results. Sometimes we see the
results of our bad choices right away, and other times it
may take a long time before we see the consequences.

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The Journey to
Truth Series

The need for children’s books on the biblical teaching about gender was impressed upon the heart of both B. Niles and Janielle independently of each other. Their desire is to help parents counter the confusion in our culture about identity and gender by sharing God’s truth about gender with their
young children in an engaging yet sensitive manner.

Carl the Sea Turtles’ Journey to Truth is the first book in the Journey to Truth Series which primarily uses characters from the animal kingdom to display and illuminate the truth of God’s Word, that He only made males and females in both the animal kingdom and in humanity.

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book 2
Hadia’s Journey Home

December 2023

Carl the sea turtle’s
journey to truth
*audio book*

february 2024